VIA Magazine Sept/Oct 2013 – “Women stayed upstairs keeping the books,” Traverso says.  But after Tom Lazio died in 1998, Traverso, her two sisters, their mom, and their grandmother took over.   Via Magazine or  the article in its entirety… Read More

KQED’S STEPHANIE MARTIN: Around the country most agree that a Thanksgiving meal isn’t complete without the turkey. But in the Bay Area many families say the same about Dungeness crab. The buttery sweet crustacean usually hits the market in November just in time for the holidays. Angel Cincotta grew up in the family that runs… Read More

Here’s a toast to the most festive season in this part of the world. It’s not the one you are thinking of. We’re talking about Dungeness crab season. The crab boats are in, the stores are piled high with crab, and it’s time for family, friends, wine and French bread. Never mind anything else you… Read More

Dungeness is sold by the pound at a counter made of wooden fish crates stacked upside down, at prices usually better than at a fish market or grocery store. The value added is in the scene: three generations of women representing two old North Beach Italian families, gloveless and fearless as they toss the feisty… Read More

” The live crab tanks have been whirring away at the Alioto-Lazio Fish Company, one of the few independently owned wholesalers on Fisherman’s Wharf and the only all-female operation run by three generations of women… After much uncertainty, “the girls” as they’re known are back and office orders have already started to pile up. Restaurant… Read More

has just been released and is now available in the Apple iTunes Store for the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.  Alioto-Lazio Fish Company is one of 220 entries in the app — what creators consider the “must visit” places along the waterfront.    … Read More

OpenRoad.TV aired a profile of Fisherman’s Wharf, featuring our own Alioto-Lazio Fish Company! “Each year, thousands of tons of fish and crab are processed at Fisherman’s Wharf, making it one of the largest suppliers of seafood on the west coast. One of the longest running wholesalers is the Alioto-Lazio Fish Company. Sisters Annette Traverso and Angela… Read More

Visit the “Meatless Monday” website for recipes, information and resources for healthy living! Meatless Monday is a national public health campaign to help Americans prevent heart disease, stroke and cancer- the three leading causes of death in America.… Read More