We have been fortunate to have the 5th Generation come and help us over his Christmas Vacation at the start of this Local Dungeness Crab Season.  JR is willingly to help wherever he is needed.  He sweeps the floors and uses the palette jack like any one of his cousins years older than him.  The mallet and hammer were no match for the cooked crabs!   He would call out when the phone rang to get Angel’s attention to stop playing the Solitaire computer game and answer the phone immediately.  JR has the instincts of a natural born salesman!  He was letting Brian, a customer, know that his great aunt had made some fish themed earrings that would be simply “perfect for his wife”!  Brian cracked up.  5th Generation is keeping us all on our toes!!!  Nonno would be proud to see us all working today.

Some people consider our business as the Dinosaurs of the Wharf  – that we should not exist!  Powers to be want our property for free.  Over the years we were told that since we are women currently owning and operating our Grandfather, Tom Lazio’s legacy, that we are not entitled to our lease (2036), that “they” could do anything that “they” want to us, we would roll over and go home.

Our family is strong and with the help of God continue our Grandfather, Tom Lazio’s legacy, of buying and selling delicious seafood no matter how hard it gets!

God has a plan for us.  We are thankful for all of you who continue to support us.