Cracked Crab Personal Meal Box

Crab Feed Personal Boxes

Crab Feeds are perfect any size party or fundraising events.   The Alioto-Lazio Fish Company is a great source for fresh Dungeness Crabs for your events.  We cook, clean, and crack the Dungeness Crabs.    Due to COVID your events went Virtual and we were able to accommodate you.   Now that your back to planning events indoors again, we are here to help you.  Whether its Virtual or Indoors let us know the date of your event and the numbers of Dungeness Crabs you need.

Call us today at 1.415.673.5868 or 1.888.673.5868 when planning your next event.

Crab Feeds Suggestions:

Clam Chowder for 2 – Add On

Our motto is that we have “The Sharpest Claws in Town”!   Don’t miss out!  Give us a shout!!