Here we are again . . . the day before the local SF Dungeness Crab Season begins.  As we were crossing the Golden Gate Bridge in the dark, we saw all the fleet of crab boats making their way towards their fishing grounds.  White lights reflecting on a calm ocean.  Can’t wait to drive across the bridge tomorrow morning and see the twinkling white lights on the horizon.  It is truly an amazing sight like the twinkling lights on Christmas trees.  While the fishermen were busy baiting the jars dangling from the center of the pots, we were busy readying our live tanks, making lots of ice, and answering phones.  Tonight we all get a good night’s sleep since we don’t know what time the boats will return.  There is a strong storm brewing so hopefully the fishermen will get 1 pull in before having to hide in a cove or return quickly to the docks.  Safe travels to our fishermen.crabboats