Delicious Seafood is on this week’s menu for you with ONE shipment delivered to your door.  One pound each of delicious fresh Pacific Rockfish, Petrale Sole, and Steelhead fillets. One pound each of fresh frozen Calamari Steaks, Prawns (in shell 16 to 20 pieces to the pound) and Shrimpmeat (salad size).  Recipes to cook these delicious seafood can be found at http://www.dev.crabonline.com/recipes.  Still looking for more ways to cook the delicious seafood shipped to you from SF Fisherman’s Wharf?  Check out our pinterest boards at http://www.pinterest.com/aliotolaziofish
*Types of fresh fish or frozen prawn size and may be substituted due to weather and market conditions.  Packaging may be different due to the “economic times” we are in.