Dungeness Crab Dip is a crowd pleasing appetizer.  Your guests will love it.  You can buy live Dungeness Crabs, cook them yourself and pick the meat out.  Your other choice is to buy cooked Dungeness Crabs, have them cleaned and cracked, and then all you would have to do is pick the meat out.  If you’re an expert at picking Dungeness Crabs or have plenty of time – then choose live or cooked Dungeness Crabs.  If you are short on time like I usually am when prepping for a party I will often choose the last alternative which is to use Dungeness Crabmeat in a perishable container.  The cooking, cleaning, and cracking of the Dungeness Crabs has been done for you and me.  How easy is that!  I make a list of all the dishes I’m planning on serving and then start finding ways to shorten the time to get them made. Usually, I plan on making more dishes than I have time for.   There so much to do with delicious Dungeness Crabs.  I just want to share my love for the Pacific Ocean Treasures as I refer to the Dungeness Crabs.  The Dungeness Crab Dip can be made ahead of time since this recipe is cold.[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Dungeness Crab Dip – – cream cheese, onion soup mix, Dungeness Crabmeat, Worcestershire Sauce, Mayonnaise, lemon juiced, Garlic Powder to taste, Cream Mayonnaise and Cream Cheese together. Stir in the Dungeness Crabmeat and the rest of the ingredients and mix well. Serve with crackers or slices of French bread.; – Try slicing cucumbers or red bell peppers instead of the crackers.[/wpurp-searchable-recipe]