Shrimp Cream Sauce over fish sounds decadent.  It just might be but it is so yummy.  Choose a white fish like Halibut or Petrale Sole to pour the Shrimp Cream Sauce over the fish.  We always think that the small size Shrimp Meat is just for Shrimp Cocktails or Shrimp Louie’s or Caesar Salads with Shrimp.  The clean, sweet flavor, and firm texture works in casseroles, omelettes,  pizza, and quiches as well.  Once the Shrimp Cream Sauce was made I began envisioning the sauce not just over fish but on top of pasta or risotto.   The Shrimp Cream Sauce are no shrimps!  The little shrimp meat in the recipe pack a big punch.  You will start thinking about the little size Shrimp Meat in a bigger way once you make the Shrimp Cream Sauce over fish.

The Coldwater Shrimp season is April through October.  Usually the small shrimp meat is sold in the frozen state already cooked and peeled. Least amount of work for the cook!   Most stores will thaw the shrimp out but we prefer to sell in the frozen state.  The 1 pound bag is individually quick frozen so you can use the whole bag or half the bag or any amount you decide.

The use of 2 cheeses enhances the flavor of the Shrimp Cream Sauce to make it incredibly decadent.  What are you waiting for?  Your family and friends will thank you for pouring this delicious Shrimp Cream Sauce over the fish.

 [wpurp-searchable-recipe]Bay Shrimp Cream Sauce – – butter, flour, light cream, fish stock, Dry Vermouth, Gruyere cheese shredded, Romano cheese grated, salad size cooked Shrimp Meat, Melt the butter until frothy.
Sprinkle with flour then stir while cooking for 3 minutes.
Gradually add the cream, stock, and vermouth.
Stir and cook until well blended and thickened.
Stir in Gruyere Cheese and 1/4 cup Romano Cheese.
Cook until cheeses are melted.
Add Salt and Pepper to taste.
Add Shrimp Meat and keep warm.
After cooking fish – sautéing or baking pour sauce over fish.
Top with remaining Romano cheese.
Broil until bubbly – a couple of minutes.; – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]