Do you love leftovers?  I do.  My older sister does.  The baby sister is not a fan of leftovers and that’s why we refer to her as a baby!  Yesterday, my wild caught King Salmon Rice Bowl excited her at lunchtime.  I brought the usual for lunch – leftovers.  I filled my bowl with Garlic and Herb Pilaf, Roasted Asparagus and Zucchini, Sauteed Onions, Feta Cheese, and wild caught King Salmon.  Mixed it altogether and heated it up. The baby sister couldn’t believe how wonderful the combination looked in the bowl.  The aroma delighted her.  The taste of all those ingredients coming together was delicious to say the least.  She took a bite and wondered if there was enough for her too!  Sorry!  my older sister and I have got her thinking twice now about leftovers.  Next time, you have leftovers think about what combinations you can make.  The most important ingredient is the wild caught King Salmon – don’t forget.

I fillet lots of wild caught King Salmon.   It’s important to me not to leave too much meat on the spine – almost splitting the King Salmon in half.  I’ll use a heading knife and scrap the leftover meat on the center spine.  I call this King Salmon Scrapings.  We vacuum the scrapings in small packages perfect for stir fries or salmon cakes or salmon patties.[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Wild Caught King Salmon Rice Bowl – – cooked Risotto or Rice Pilaf, cooked Asparagus chopped, roasted Zucchini cut in half, Feta Cheese, Carmelized Onions, cooked wilk King Salmon crumbled or chopped, , 1. Combine your leftovers to make this incredible tasting bowl!
2. Microwave 2 minutes or until hot.
; ; – Remember – everyone has different kinds of leftovers in their refrigerator.  Add more – add less – have fun and enjoy!  The most important ingredient is the <strong>wild caught King Salmon</strong>. – King Salmon – King Salmon – SF King Salmon – ship King Salmon – wild caught king salmon[/wpurp-searchable-recipe]